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Page of all Wars

War of 1812

Abraham Albaugh Nace's Regiment, Maryland Milita.

Abraham Albaugh 36 Regiment (Jessop's Maryland Militia.)

Absalom Albaugh 3 Regiment (Stembel's), Maryland Militia.

Adam Albaugh Randall's Batt'n Riflemen, Maryland Mil.

Christopher Albaugh 1 Regiment (Andrews'), Ohio Militia.

George Albaugh 1 Regiment (Andrews'), Ohio Militia.

John Albaugh 2 Reg't (Dobbin's), New York Militia.

Solomon Albaugh Captain Getzendonner's Detachment

Riflemen, Maryland Militia.

Solomon Albaugh 1 Regiment (Andrews'), Ohio Militia.

William Albaugh 2 Reg't (Schuchts'), Maryland Militia.


Name Additional Info

Jacob Allabaugh 1 Reg't (Taylor's) Virginia Militia.

Jacob Allabaugh 5 Regiment Virginia Militia.

John Allabaugh 5 Regiment Virginia Militia.


Roster of the 76th O.V.V.I.

Albaugh, Z. F. St. Louisville, O. CO. C

Albaugh, H. Newark, O. CO. H

Source: Reunion Invitation - Reunion at Massillon, Ohio, Wednesday, Sept. 9, 1891.


Korean War/ 1950-1957

U.S. Military Personnel who died from Hostile Action (including missing and captured) in the Korean War

Albaugh, Paul - Pvt. of Linn, Iowa - #RA37790391, U.S. Army, Killed in Action, 24 Apr. 1951. Arc M Tnk Bn 72nd Tank Bn 1 1

Source: National Archives and Records Administration Center for Electronic Records

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