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Lindsay Journal

Files of Ohio

Peter Albaugh's child. having got a sprig of cedar Top in the Esophagus. 23d

Mr. 1827 was called in great haste 5 or 6 miles to extract it. The child at

the breast, found it unable to suck or swallow, any fluid. The parents,

Mother particularly very much alarmed. On examination could just see with

much difficulty the upper point of this substance, which from its peculiar

formation & nature, was imposable for the child ever to have swallowed, or

eject. I succeeded in my first attempt in dislodging & extracting, by means

of the dressing curved Forceps, to the very great gratification of myself,

Mother & friends. I dont recollect that I have ever been more caressed, or

ever in my practice was the occasion of more satisfaction & rejoicing.

Jany 9, 1837Richmond Ia. W. Lindsay