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Albaugh Information & Resource Site

Sorry it has been quite awhile since this page has been updated. Hopeing to start working on it again soon. At the moment trying to get my database back in order and you all know what a chore that is, when time is limited. I will send out e-mails when new things have been added. Thanks to all on the mailing list for you continual support and patience!

What this Site is about!

The contents of these pages, will be data we have researched on the Albaugh Surname. Most of the data will be published data and sources thereof. Resource Links available to post your quieres and to search for your particular interest. We hope this will aide other Researchers of the Albaugh Surname in their endeavors. We are now offically the Albaugh Surname Resource Center, SRC throughSurname Web.

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Neva & James R Albaugh(albaughtn@hotmail.com) are the coordinators of this surname resource center.To get in touch with them click on their name.
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